Akvian Song Yurate Goddess of the Baltic Sea (Roxanne)

​Welcome Roxanne to our furry family of newfies! She is an absolute sweetheart. Roxanne loves, loves, loves the snow! Just like many other newfies she will follow you anywhere. Rox loves her walks through the mountains in Stoney Creek, and spending lots of time in the crisp mountain air! 

Opening Heavens Doors Pearl


Welcome Miss Pearl! She is a lovely gem. Her personality is super sweet, mellow and extremely gentle. Pearl loves loves loves toys, and children. We will be breeding Miss Pearl this fall 2019. 

Opening Heavens Doors Flower Power

​Our dear sweet flower is a Spirit/Mac girl! She looks and acts just like her mom. She is such a darling girl! Flower loves to be by your side all day long. Flower has made a wonderful addition to our newfie family! 

Opening Heavens Doors 4 Princess Elsa


Welcome Princess Elsa. She is charming sweet and very, very mellow. Elsa is a Emotion/Daytona girl. She loves being right by your side, and would follow you anywhere you go. We are extremely blessed to add her to our breeding program.  


Flower/Waylon puppies are here! Click on the puppies tab to see pictures :)

Elsa/Mac babies are coming in February.

We have begun breeding for spring litters...stay tuned!​​

​​For more information, or to reserve your puppy today 

call: 1(717)921-3834 email: openingheavensdoors@yahoo.com

Here is a sneak peek at our new girl Beth!

More to come...

Opening Heavens Doors Yards Baby Iris

​Miss Iris is a bright, and playful girl that loves everyone. Iris enjoys her days playing and running. She adores her toys and alwyas has one in her mouth. Iris will be completing all of her clearances soon. She will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  

Opening Heavens Doors Moo Moo Over

Moo Moo is our adorable girl named by our granddaughter Kinsley (she loves cows). Our precious Moo is gentle sweet and makes the most incredible noises that sounds like a mix between a howl and a moo. She has all her clearances and is in great health! She always has us laughing at her funny and loving personality.

Pearl and Mac's

Opening Heavens Doors Polka Dot 

​What a dear girl she is just like her mom in both looks AND personality! Polka will join our breeding program as soon as she finishes all her clearances. 

Opening Heavens Doors Loretta In 

​Introducing the one and only Loretta! This girl is a sweet bundle ofjoyful energy! She is always giving away lots of doggy kisses. She is big fan of the water and she never turns down an opportunity for a walk.  

Opening Heavens Doors Ultra Violet

She shines like her name! Violet is a sweet and darling newfie. She is a daughter of Beast and Spirit. Her calm and gentle personality win her over the love of everyone. She loves going on walks and hikes in the woods here in Stony Creek