Opening Heavens Doors Lord Have Pearl


Welcome Miss Pearl! She is a lovely gem. Her personality is super sweet, mellow and extremely gentle. Pearl loves loves loves toys, and children. We will be breeding Miss Pearl this fall 2019. 


Opening Heavens Doors Behold Mystical Myrtle

Myrtle is a doll baby. She is eager to be right by your side. One of her very favorite things to do is hike through the trails. She is a little trooper and loves stomping through the woods of Stoney Creek Pennsylvania. Myrtle is still a puppy but will begin her certifications in the fall.

Opening Heavens Doors Lord Have Mercy


Our dear Mercy is a Majesty/Daytona girl. Just like mom and dad she has a sweet disposition. She is extremely well mannered and easy to please. She has a typical newfie personality. Mercy is a wonderful friend to all our grandchildren  



Myrtle's puppies are here, check us out on the puppy page.

Now taking reservations for our litters due on Christmas Mac/Spirit Mercy/Falcor. Also look out for our Lilly/Beast litter

For more information, or to reserve your AKC puppy please call

717 921-3834


Midnight Bear

Cream of the crop 

Our lovely Trigger is full of fun fur and ready to play, She is extremely affectionate and has made a wonderful addition to our Newfie family here in the heart of Stoney Valley. She has all of her OFA clearances and will be bred for a fall litter. 


Opening Heavens Doors Emotion in Motion

She has the sweetest temperament, her loving personality is so gentle. She follows right by your side. Emotion is everybodys favorite girl. She will be doing her OFA clearances soon. She is a wonderful addition to our furry family. 


Fairchild's Sound The Trumpet Zion

Introducing Zion she is very sweet and moves like a tank. She is quite a companion Eden is her best buddy! Zion loves being outside and of course playing in the snow. OFA


Opening Heavens Doors ReleaseDestiny

Destiny has just finished all her clearances at 2 and is ready for her first litter!!! She is a beautiful playful girl and we totally love her. She loves to play, hike, and be by your side. OFA

Opening Heavens Doors Princess Elsa


Welcome Princess Elsa. She is charming sweet and very, very mellow. Elsa is a Emotion/Daytona girl. She loves being right by your side, and would follow you anywhere you go. We are extremely blessed to add her to our breeding program.  


Opening Heavens Doors Unite McCoy

Opening Heavens Doors Unite McCoy. McCoy is sweet gentle and very loving. She is best friends with Hatfield, they play together all day long. McCoy just completed all her OFA certifications and we are really excited to have her join our breeding program in the fall. OFA


Welcome Miss River

She is our very sweet and mellow girl. She is also very playful wow!. She is extremely gentle with every move. She is obedient and loves the water. River has made a wonderful addition to our newfie family,


Opening Heavens Doors Lily of the Valley

Welcome Miss Lily! She has just finished all her clearances and scored awesome. She is a beautiful girl with a bubbly personality. Lily loves to be the leader and is great  in the water. She enjoys hiking by our sides through the lush woods of stoney creek Pennsylvania. Lily is best buddies with Spirit and Mercy.  


Welcome Miss Yeti Beti

She is as energetic and loving as they come! Yeti is a very smart an obedient gal. She stays by your side as we journey through the trails. Yeti has passed all her clearances, and will be bringing us beautiful puppies soon!!!

Akvian Song Fluffy Spirit


Spirit is a very gentle sweethearted girl. She is a wonderful addition to our newfie family. Spirit is from Russia and we are truly blessed by her very gentle nature and eager to please personality.