We are now anxiously awaiting Loretta's fur babies to arrive!​​ 

adult female, and 10 month old female look for forever family!​​​​

​​For more information, or to reserve your puppy today 

call: 1(717)921-3834 email: openingheavensdoors@yahoo.com

Akvian Song Yard (Russia) Waylon

Welcome Waylon 

OFA Clearances

Waylon is our awesome Landseer who joined our newfie family from Russia. He is amazing and has such a sweet gentle newfie personality. He plays well with all and is eager to greet everyone.  


Release the Beast!

Our furry friend has retired to a new forever home!

Opening Heavens Doors Doogle Dandy (Duke)

Son of the Beast! All clearances listed on OFA website!

Duke is our newest male! He is a son of beast and Beti. His clearances are amazing. He has pennhip at the top of the charts, OFA elbows are great, he has echocardiogram heart clearance, and OFA patella. Duke is full of energy!  He is a bouncing and pouncing newfoundland and we can't wait for him to sire his first litter. He is going to make an amazing stud!!!

Watchbear's Mac Truck (Mac)

All clearances are listed on OFA website!

We are so excited to have Mac here with our family. He is a great addition. Mac fits his name he is like a Mac truck and will push his way through to get to you and give you a wonderful newfie kiss! Mac is just turning 2 and will begin his new job here at Stony Creek making furry new friends.