Opening Heavens Doors Break Through Boaz

Introducing handsome Boaz. He is growing into such a handsome newfoundland! He came to us as a puppy this past summer from my very awesome friend Connie, who we are very blessed to have come to know. Boaz is a very gentle male who has been placed with a new forever family.


Welcome Mac Truck!

We are so excited to have Mac here with our family. He is a great addition. Mac fits his name he is like a Mac truck and will push his way through to get to you and give you a wonderful newfie kiss! Mac is just turning 2 and will begin his new job here at Stony Creek making furry new friends.

Whoolie Dooly

Opening Heavens Doors Whoolie Dooly

This is Whoolie Dooly.He is a Zion/Falcor son (photos below at about 6 months of age). Very loving and laid back dude! He is a wonderful addition to our newfie family.



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Now breeding for fall litters Emotion/Falcor, Myrtle/Mac

For more information, or to reserve your AKC puppy please call

717 921-3834


Release the Beast!

Our furry friend gets his name by his size and by the vote of our grandchildren although he is huge the "Beast" is as lovable as his size. He is a a Destiny Daytona boy and he will take over for his pop who is retiring. Like all of our newfies he is great with kids!


Welcome Falcor

Our new male is from Russia, and he is amazing! We have searched quite some time for a handsome landseer and here he is. This dude loves adventure, hiking through the woods, and playing with the girls. He is getting all clearances and they will be posted soon. Check in for updates!


Daytona Cancrimo Z Lednickiego Zakola Akc Dna

Daytona is our awesome stud! he is a polish import with an excellent line. he has one of the sweetest dispositions ever and quite a thick coat of fur. he is always eager to great you with a ton of kisses to let you know your loved. he has all his OFA and penn hip clearances. OFA